The Edit with @ldnloft

The Edit with @ldnloft

About @ldnloft

Hey! I’m Phoebe, an Interior Designer originally from Cornwall, and have now been living in London with my Boyfriend for the past 2 and a half years. 

How would you describe your interior style?

Being an Interior Designer, what I like changes quite often, but I would say my favourite home style currently, and how we have styled our loft, is a mid-century vibe with a modern twist. I tend to keep the main body of the space neutral with pops of colour on accessories that are easier to change more regularly.

What are your interior must haves?

I think my interior must haves are art, mirrors and rugs. Which probably explains why we have 4 William Wood mirrors currently! Especially living in a loft apartment, these must haves have really transformed the space, by softening it and reflecting the light.

The Frameless Collection:

We have quite minimal taste which is why I adore the frameless mirrors. We’ve accessorised our office space with the Pond Mirror and the Frameless Arched Mirror. I wanted a mirror on the back wall to reflect the big windows when working and the arched mirror creates a break between the office and the lounge and really expands the depth of the room. We have a lot of square edges in the loft which is why I wanted to bring in curved mirrors as a softer contrast here.


The Theo:

We also have the Theo mirror leaning on the opposite side of the room, in our wind-down corner. This is where your eyes are drawn as you first enter the loft so we wanted to reflect the windows and lounge area. We wanted a really big statement mirror to fill the wall, that sits perfectly with our furniture and rug and this one was it! It’s also the best mirror for checking our outfits before we head out. 


The Brooklyn:

Lastly but most definitely not least, we have the Brooklyn XXL mirror. We love to switch the loft around when we get the chance, so the space is constantly evolving and we love doing this by swapping in the Brooklyn mirror with the Theo. It’s even larger size is perfect with the high ceilings and with the metal work detailing it gives a completely different feel to the loft whilst still reflecting the light which we love. 



I love how luxurious the brand feels in such an effortless way and the vast range of styles you can choose from. Whatever style or shape I’ve wanted, I can always find it on William Wood. I like things to feel premium and understated in a classy way and I think the brand has created mirrors that are exactly this. 

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