June has been an eventful month for us, packed with exciting new product launches and with the summer heat sweeping over the U.K, our outdoor collection has had a great response. 

From the launch of the highly anticipated Arcus XXL to the remarkable success of our Luciana restock, and the introduction of new irregular mirrors in the Ava Pond collection, it's been a month filled with milestones. Another milestone is we hit 500k on social media, which we could not have done without YOU, our passionate home and brand enthusiasts, so thank you.

Arcus XXL: Amplifying Elegance and Presence:

Your voices were heard, and we responded by creating the Arcus XXL- a larger variant of our best-selling Arcus Mirror. We understand that size matters, and this majestic creation takes sophistication to new heights. The Arcus XXL's expansive dimensions captivate the eye and redefine the essence of luxury. Witness the fusion of impeccable craftsmanship and grandeur, resulting in a mirror that surpasses expectations.

Arcus black industrial floor length mirror

Luciana Restock: Demand Soars to New Heights:

The Luciana mirror made waves when it first launched, and our expectations for the restock were sky-high. We were thrilled to see the incredible response from our loyal customers as hundreds of mirrors flew off the shelves once again. The Luciana continues to mesmerize with its timeless beauty, enchanting design, and impeccable quality. We extend our gratitude to all who made this restock an overwhelming success. Although it is currently sold out, sign ups for the next restock are now live.

Luciana full length concrete Parisian mirror

Ava Pond Collection Expands: Introducing Irregular Mirrors:

In our aim to offer unique and awe-inspiring pieces, we're excited to introduce new irregular mirrors to the Ava Pond collection. These captivating mirrors showcase organic shapes and asymmetric designs, adding an element of artistic flair to any space. The response to these new additions has been nothing short of wonderful, as they embody the harmonious blend of nature-inspired aesthetics and exceptional craftsmanship.

irregular asymmetric pond mirror


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