Art Deco Mirror Designs


Art Deco is commonly identified as the predominant architectural and interior style of the 1920's. Initially, with its origins in metropolitan France, the geometric shapes and sumptuous styling travelled across the Atlantic to America where, up until today, iconic architecture such as The Empire States, Grand Central Station and The Chrysler Building still stand as proud beacons for this modern and pure design.

Examples of Art Deco influence can be found in mirrors such as our zig zag shaped Zip mirror or light ray patterns in our Sunburst round and square designs. Fantail mirrors are also very popular and prime examples are our Madison, Hudson and Piermont ranges.

Selecting from our range of Art Deco mirrors is a decision which will add style and personality to any setting within your home. Our collection of Art Deco mirrors are versatile in their use which, in turn, is ideal for those customers who want to achieve a traditional decor, or alternatively, a modern vibe.

For an understanding of how easily an Art Deco mirror can fit into your room setting then take a look at the simplicity of the designs in our range. Whilst the Art Deco influence is clear, the sharp lines and proud shapes will sit comfortably on both plain painted walls as well as surfaces with a distinct pattern.  Your room can be painted in any colour, as the clean polished surface of the mirror glass will reflect and enhance the colour of your choice.

You can be sure that purchasing an Art Deco mirror will give you a design with longevity and ability to brighten your room for many years to come.

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