Following on from an exciting month, with the launch of the highly anticipated Massimo and a brand new in house photo-booth, here is a recap of all our April highlights. 

During the month of April, we introduced two brand new sizes to our best-selling Lilia range. Handcrafted from responsibly sourced material, our Organic collection has been curated with both functionality and versatility in mind, taking on the Biophilic approach by adding a touch of warmth and texture to any space.

Over the past year Biophilic design has brought us closer to nature, by taking on the approach of “bringing to outdoors inside,” inspiring home enthusiasts to centre their space around the natural environment.

Centred around this interior trend, we worked alongside our brand ambassador @longbridgelondon to bring the April edit to our community. Incorporating natural elements, Mani creates a welcoming and calm environment by using the Leilani mirror in their dressing room, bringing serenity to their space.

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Throughout the month we continued to share content of our upcoming launch of the Massimo mirror, which went live on the 30th of April. Chosen and named by our community, the Massimo was designed with the iconic retro wave in mind. Available in two sizes (170cm x 60cm and 179cm x 80cm), the minimalistic black frame blends with any décor, creating a sophisticated look.

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In house, we have also been preparing a new photo-booth. Taking inspiration from Balearic styles, the new booth includes lime-wash walls and a light washed floor, creating a serene atmosphere. With new products being announced throughout the month of May, our new photo-booth will become a key element in the launch process.

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