The Edit with @homedesign. meadowview

The Edit with @homedesign. meadowview

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About @homedesign. meadowview

"I'm Sarah, 34 years old and founder of @homedesign.meadowview and The Pampas Place UK. My husband and I are currently renovating our 1980’s house which is also used as a studio for my brand. It houses a variety of different design concepts amongst the rooms to allow me to create different and varied content for my business and my socials."

How would you describe your interior style?

"I would describe my interior style as minimal and earthy whilst also trying to maintain a cosy concept. I enjoy a minimalistic aesthetic, but I like adding depth and textures to areas where possible. I’m a little addicted to limewashing the walls and using textured paints. The limewash sits so well behind my collection of William Wood Mirrors. One tip when using the paint is to paint the ceiling as well as the walls, it really completes the space. Another feature I have incorporated into our home is adding and creating arched doorways. I love the effect this adds to a room, creating beautiful curves and angles. This is why I tend to choose the curved mirrors for my home such as the Lilia and the Arcus."

What are your interior must haves?

"My interior must haves are natural materials and neutral tones such as wood, rattan, and clay. Dried florals and foliage are a must have to bring the outside in and help to create that slow living style. In addition to this, I always use large mirrors to reflect the light and open up the space. I also enjoy using mirrors when shooting content for my socials and my business as it helps to capture the space and products from all angles."

The LILIA and the ARCUS:

"I chose the Lilia because not only is the frame made from natural wooden materials, it is a curved mirror which is one of my interior must haves, the same for the Arcus. They both bring a sense of elegance to my home with their beautiful curved edges."




"I chose the Alani mirror for my new studio because the walnut frame compliments my existing furniture perfectly. The irregular shape brings something different and quirky to the space which is exactly what I wanted." 



"I chose the Islington for my bathroom, its clean cut right angles and bold black frame work perfectly with the black accents we have in this room. It sits opposite the window reflecting light into the room and really opens up the space."



"I like William Wood Mirrors because they perfectly complement my minimal aesthetic. I love that they offer the same mirror in a variety of colours and materials, allowing you to choose the perfect design for your space."

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