Our Summer Selection

Our Summer Selection

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Warmer weather, longer days, and clearer skies - Summer is here. 

And at William Wood, we’re proud to show off our products that perfectly complement the brightest time of the year. Ranging from organic and rustic mirrors, to elegant garden pieces, the items in our Summer Collection, handpicked by our expert design team, are meticulously designed to enhance your space, inside or out.

Take a look at a few of our featured pieces…


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Featuring an iconic window pane design and complete with a shabby chic washed wood finish, our Arabella mirror represents the very definition of rustic home design, enhancing any space with its elegance and traditional beauty.

This mirror is a perfect addition if you are looking to add a stylish rural touch to your contemporary space, but it also seamlessly integrates as a focal point for any living space, with its muted wooden tones complementing any interior.

Angelo Rectangle

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Our latest addition to our highly sought after, Terra Collection, the Angelo Rectangle coffee table features the unique combination of organic-inspired textures and modern minimalism the range is known for.

Along with this, the muted concrete tones look stunning when basking in the light of the Summer sun, with this staple piece being suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage.



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Renowned for its versatility, the Bridgewater enhances any space, inside or out. 

With its minimal window-inspired design and elegant arched frame, this full length piece is perfect for reflecting light and adding depth to your home, all while exuding sophistication with its matte black finish.

To Conclude

As the summer season unfolds, our handcrafted Summer Collection emerges as a celebration of the warmth and vibrancy that these months bring, promising to enhance your environment and reflect the best of summer’s natural beauty. So, whether you’re looking to flood your rooms with natural light or elevate your garden space this Summer, we promise to offer a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation.

And that’s not all, we have a whole host of exciting new product launches coming this season - be the first to see them and join our community of over 500,000+ home enthusiasts by following us on Facebook or Instagram and explore our full collection at William Wood.