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Why Do Mirrors Make a Room Feel Bigger?

Why Do Mirrors Make a Room Feel Bigger?

Every interior decorator knows the power that a mirror holds when it comes to opening up a room and creating the illusion of space. In fact, it’s possible to use a mirror in a variety of different ways in order to change the way that the brain perceives a room. The exact impact that mirrors will have on an interior space is entirely dependent on where they are positioned and how they are able to reflect light.

They create the illusion of space

The easiest way to explain why mirrors are able to make a room feel bigger is to use physics. The law of reflection states that ‘an angle approaching a mirror will equal the angle that it reflects’. This means that the surface area of a mirror will determine how much it is able to reflect and therefore larger mirrors will create more angles of reflection which will, in turn, create a bigger illusion of space. As such, this is what makes the brain perceive that a room is much larger than it actually is.

They reflect light back into the room

Another way that mirrors work in order to create space is by using light. Again, the surface will reflect the light across the room as it bounces off the mirrored surface which gives more for the eye to see. This can be achieved in many different ways as a larger mirror can amplify the effect due to the increased surface area whereas a smaller mirror is often best positioned near a window in order to achieve the desired effect. Ultimately, light helps brighten up a room which can reduce that claustrophobic feeling that smaller rooms tend to have and make a room feel much bigger and inviting than it would otherwise be.

Whether you’re looking for a decorative piece or something practical, the team here at William Wood are the experts on your side. We stock a variety of different shapes and styles in order to appeal to the decor of every home, and there are certain mirrors that are perfect for creating depth and the illusion of space such as rectangular mirrors or those with thin frames. To find out more, get in contact with a member of the William Wood mirrors team today.