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Unique Mirror Designs

Unique Mirror Designs

Mirrors bright a special touch to our homes and provide the useful function of allowing us to check our reflection before work or when heading for a night on the town! Mirrors come in a huge assortment of styles, colours, and materials, and have existed across an entire history of varying furniture styles and interior décor design. Let’s have a look at some of the more unique mirror designs available and what styles they can fit with.

Mosaic Mirror

A mosaic frame could go on a wooden mirror, or a metal one. A mosaic tends to include marble, tile, or glass in small pieces all fitted together to give the overall mosaic effect. This can even be achieved with tiny pieces of mirror! Mosaic mirrors can fit well with both older and more modern styles, depending on the material used and the exact style of mosaic, but they’ll always leave a unique impression on your design!

Backlit Mirror

Backlit mirrors are a pretty recent emergence on the market – mirrors of all shapes and sizes can be fitted with LED strips or small bulbs to provide backlighting. Back lighting is simply lighting which lights up behind the mirror rather than lighting up your face directly, this provides a more comfortable level of light and a beautiful aesthetic. Backlit mirrors tend toward more simplistic styles and modern design, but we’d love to see it done with an antique too!

Minimalist Mirror

A minimalist mirror could be a metal mirror, wooden, or plastic. Minimalist style fits with modern and contemporary design and would work perfectly with the backlighting mentioned above! Minimalist mirrors tend to be unicolour with sleek, slim frames but could also work with a multicoloured design for more of a Bauhaus approach.

Antique Mirror

Antique mirrors tend to be very ornate and decorative and are usually wooden framed mirrors, though can be metal at times. Antique mirrors have a grand and imposing effect on any room they adorn. Antique mirrors are best kept to the design from the era they were created in – gothic era mirrors would fit best with a gothic interior, etc. However, mixing and matching would result in a truly unique interior!