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Tips for Mirror Cleaning and Care

Tips for Mirror Cleaning and Care

Everybody has mirrors in their home, and whether you’re using them to check your reflection in the morning or just as an ornamental decoration, you want to keep your mirrors shiny, clear, and streak-free! But this can be challenging, many cleaning products will only leave more smears on your mirrored surfaces and attempts to fix the problem keep making it worse! Sound familiar? Well, we have put together this short guide on mirror cleaning and care, so you can keep your mirrors fresh and shiny for your morning outfit check!

Use microfibre cloth or newspaper

One of the main issues when it comes to cleaning your mirrors and windows is streaks! No matter how hard you clean you always leave a swirl of streaky lines across your mirror’s surface when you’re done. This is because traditional clothes and sponges are not absorbent enough to grab the last bits of liquid, so they stay behind leaving a smudge. Using a microfibre cloth or newspaper for this job will provide that extra bit of absorption to lift all of the cleaner or liquid off, removing those irritating streaks!

Vinegar and water for the shine

Vinegar has been used for cleaning since long before cleaning products were a thing! Vinegar cuts through grease and doesn’t leave behind a soapy residue like many common glass cleaners will. But be careful not to get vinegar on the frame as it can tarnish and damage some materials like silver.

Get the specific cleaner for your frame

Once you have a spotless and streak-free mirror surface reflecting a crisp, clear imagine back at you, it’s time to make sure you extend your mirror care to the frame! Whether it’s sterling silver or white oak, your frame will likely be susceptible to damage from both vinegar and abrasive cleaners! Ensure you opt for the specific cleaner for the material of your frame to ensure longevity.

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