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Things You Can Use as a Mirror in a Pinch

Things You Can Use as a Mirror in a Pinch

Humans have been using mirrors for thousands of years! But mirrors haven’t always existed as we know them today, ancient humans had to make do with any reflective surface they could find. The earliest mirrors were likely purpose-made flat dark containers to be filled with water and placed on still surface, while the earliest mirrors capable of being hung vertically or moved were crafted from polished rock and, eventually, polished metals. So, if you need to check your reflection but are stuck without a proper mirror in sight, what are some surfaces you can use in a pinch?

A Shop Window

A show window is a classic reflection check point, especially if the interior is dark as this will enhance your reflection. The ideal shop window is one with shutters down on the inside, to prevent anyone from seeing you and prevent you from merely seeing the inside! If the interior is super bright you probably won’t see much, so try a different window.

Your Friend’s Sunglasses

If you need to pick something out of your teeth and want to annoy the hell out of your buddy while you do it, you can use social convention to force them to stand perfectly still while you use their rainbow shades to check your reflection! This is a time-honoured tradition of grossing one’s friends out to do a quick spot-check.

A Big Puddle

A big puddle was probably the first mirror ever used on the planet. Counter intuitively, it actually helps if the puddle is murky and dirty as this will darken it and help a cleared reflection to come back to you. As long as it’s stopped raining, because you won’t get very far otherwise!

A Car Wingmirror

This one is cheating slightly because this is, really, just a regular metal mirror. But we’ve all seen it before! Someone doing a quick spot check in a wingmirror on the street. This is usually accompanied by a shifty glance either way to ensure nobody’s watching. But this is a good solution in a pinch, just make sure nobody’s inside the car first!