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The Popularity of Window Mirrors

The Popularity of Window Mirrors

Once utilised as a feature of outdoor decor, window mirrors possess an aesthetic appeal that is difficult to argue with. They’re not only elegant, the design is recognisable and familiar which makes them incredibly popular with interior designers who are looking to increase the amount of space available in a room. Here at William Wood Mirrors, our array of designer mirrors comes in a variety of styles and shapes, including window mirrors. Read on as we go over a few things that could explain why window mirrors are so popular with homeowners…

Creates the illusion of space

Since they’re designed to look like the traditional shop windows that you might pass when walking down the street, especially in a traditional village, window mirrors that are strategically positioned in the home can help create space and make a room feel significantly bigger. After all, mirrors reflect light around the room which can brighten up dark and dingy spaces. It is the design of window mirrors that create space though as the interlocking lines that are meant to resemble panels make it seem like there is an additional window in the room and it's this illusion that tricks the mind into expanding the space.

A simple aesthetic

Aesthetics are concerned with the beauty of things and a mirror is a great way to showcase interior design with your own aesthetic in mind. Window mirrors are simple in nature, however this often appeals to many homeowners who are looking for something that ticks all the right boxes without completely dominating the space. They’re effective yet subtle enough to integrate into a busy room for that dazzling finishing touch you’ve been looking high and low for.

The perfect decorative centrepiece

It may seem like a contradiction to state that window mirrors can be used as a decorative item when we’ve just said that they’re a simple beauty, but hear us out! It’s the way that you use them that can influence the way that they are perceived so hanging one above the fireplace will make it stand out a lot more than it will when it is neatly tucked into the corner to reflect light into the room. Further to this, there are different styles of window mirrors and some are a lot more intricate than others with decorative designs and shapes that work a lot better as a centrepiece.

The majority of people associate mirrors with reflections as we typically use them in order to look at our appearance. As a key component in design, it could be argued that window mirrors are utilised for decor purposes rather than functionality by offering an abundance of natural light. To browse our array of mirrors or discuss your requirements in further detail, get in contact with a member of the William Wood Mirrors team today!