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The Most Expensive Mirrors on The Market

The Most Expensive Mirrors on The Market

Designer mirrors are commonplace throughout the world. But not all mirrors are created equal, there are some exclusive designers who charge exorbitant fees for their products! We took a look to find the most expensive mirrors available on the market. We did not include bespoke individual pieces or mirrors created for any purpose other than viewing one’s reflection, such as mirrors for deep space telescopes which can run a price tag up to tens of millions of pounds! Here’s what we could find:

Christopher Guy - Jensen Mirror

This mirror is a beautifully chic and sharp design which displays art deco influences. A long rectangular mirror panel sits as the face of the mirror, with eight smaller square mirrors sat behind, framing the main face. There is also another design of the same mirror which breaks the main face up into thirds. This mirror is undeniably beautiful, but will set you back nearly £3000!

Giorgio Collection – Vogue Floor Mirror

This mirror is decidedly plain for its price tag. It does boast a gorgeous dark wood frame which is carved into clean lines on the inside frame and a curved, slight V-shape on the outer frame. The design is very much contemporary and would fit with almost any décor. This mirror costs over £3500 and so, doesn’t offer much in unique design to justify its price.

John Richard – Migration Mirror Set of 9

This elegant set contains 9 identical square mirrors designed to be displayed in a grid. The amazing thing about this piece is its versatility, you could arrange the 9 mirrors however you see fit, which allows for a sense of individuality. The mirrors feature gilded birds painted into the mirror’s surface, all headed in the same direction. This is where the name “migration” comes from! The migration set is a beautiful and adaptable addition to your home, but at over £5000 you’d better be sure it’s perfect for you!

Hyde House – Sycamore Round Mirror

Back to basics again with this minimalist modern round mirror. This mirror is made of a unique resin created by the designers and has a thick gold chain for hanging. The incredible aspect of this mirror is that the material allows them to create it with any print, so customers can identify any wallpaper or print, and the designer will use it to create the frame. This makes this our only bespoke mirror on the list! You can have the frame created to reflect your personal style or to match the décor of your home!

Boca do Lobo – Venice Mirror

The Venice Mirror is a distinct and artful centrepiece. It is huge, standing at over two meters tall. The Venice Mirror features exquisite detailing with bevels breaking up the mirror and framing the edge with an almost jigsaw effect. The actual shape of the mirror is completely irregular – so much so that it escapes written description. There are hints of leaf shapes with floral patterning adorning the edges, along with carved dots and lines to add an extra layer of detail. Quite an exquisite mirror all round! At over £16,000, you’d hope so!