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The Best Way To Clean An Ornate Mirror Frame

The Best Way To Clean An Ornate Mirror Frame

If you’ve recently purchased a gorgeous mirror with a large, intricate, and ornate metal frame, you’ll definitely want to keep that design piece looking its best! Most mirror frames require a simple wipe down to clean, especially basic or minimalist designs on wooden or plastic frames. But ornate metal frames require that extra degree of care and attention in order to keep them looking perfect. If you have a grand design mirror you’d like to get polished and looking sharp, check out these simple tips for cleaning ornate mirror frames:

Lay the Mirror Frame Flat for Cleaning

You can’t properly clean your ornate mirror frame if it’s still hanging elegantly from your wall! So, the first step you’ll want to complete is taking the mirror down and picking a good spot to lay it down flat for cleaning. You’ll also want to spread some carboard, newspaper, or old material like carpet or curtain fabric out below the frame, so you don’t accidentally get polish on your floor.

Remove Physical Dirt and Dust

Just like cleaning down any surface, the vital initial step is to remove the physical dirt. Otherwise, you’ll merely end up smearing dust and grime around on your gorgeous frame! This is even more vital (but can also be much more difficult) with intricate ornate frames as these have so many tiny spaces where dust can accumulate and dirt can get stuck. A toothbrush is a wonderful tool for getting the grime out of these gaps.

Polish and Buff Tarnished Areas

Using a microfibre cloth or equally soft, unabrasive materials like cotton pads, it’s time to apply polish to your mirror frame. Ensure you’ve bought the correct polish for the material of your mirror and always test out your polish on a small subtle area on the first go! If you’re concerned about the effects of polish, you can use a small amount of water instead, but ensure your frame is fully dried before hanging it back up. Once you’ve polished each inch of your frame, do a visual check to identify any final smears or missed specks, and you’re good to go! Hand that beautiful frame back up for all your guests to enjoy.