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The Best Mirrors to Go with a Rococo Interior

The Best Mirrors to Go with a Rococo Interior

The Rococo style, sometimes stylised as Roccoco or occasionally known as Late Baroque, is a style of architecture and furnishings that originated in France in the 1703. It is known for soft, curvy lines and pastel colours, with asymmetrical geometry and fanciful designs. Rococo design arose in response to the far more formal and straight-edged Louis XIV style, which was dominant in the era, and soon it had spread across much of Europe.

Rococo architecture is known to be exquisitely fancy, containing complex carvings, columns, and detailed paintings scrawled across ceilings and walls. Rococo artwork also took on a far more detailed and whimsical approach, celebrating soft pastel tones and brightly coloured landscapes, often with depictions of angels or other holy symbols. Though it began life as a secular design style, it was soon adopted by many churches and became closely associated with Christianity.

Rococo furniture is distinctly beautiful, usually featuring brightly stained light woods with scrolling curvy legs and gilded patterning adorning the body. Pastel blues, pinks and purples were common on seat cushions and sofas while chairs were patterned with floral designs and stood atop gold legs.

So, what mirrors are best with a Rococo interior? Which frames, colours, and styles will fit best with Rococo furniture, architecture, or artwork? You want to aim for these three features if you want to find the perfect mirror for your Rococo home:

Frame: Light Wood

The frame of your mirror, if not painted a specific colour, should display glorious light woods with a glossy finish! The gold to red hues of the lighter woods brings an airy presence and a sense of warmth to the Rococo style.

Style: Fanciful, curvaceous, and detailed

For a mirror to match a Rococo interior you want to opt for a curvy mirror with plenty of gentle twists and regal patterning around your mirror face. Avoid sharp edges and symmetrical geometric shapes as these are closer to Art Deco than Rococo.

Colour: pastel hues and gilded

If the frame of your wooden mirror is light, then gilded touches are perfect to cement it as Rococo style. Additionally, pastel colours like sky blues or subtle pinks are quintessentially Rococo when combined with the other design aspects discussed here.