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The Benefits of Vertical Mirrors

The Benefits of Vertical Mirrors

Here at William Wood Mirrors, we know that each of our clients are looking for something different which is why we offer a wide selection of different styles and shapes. In fact, many of our rectangular mirrors are designed for vertical or horizontal placement which allows you to embrace your creativity and bring your home to life. There is something special about vertical mirrors as they offer a completely different aesthetic to their horizontal counterparts. Read on as we go over some of the benefits that they provide...

They create the illusion of height

A mirror can be used in order to make a room feel bigger in a variety of different ways such as by creating physical space via light reflections and even making a room feel taller. The latter is easily achieved using vertical mirrors because the lines give the illusion of height by accentuating what is already at play. After all, a vertical mirror would look out of place in a room with a low ceiling because it would take up too much space on the wall.

Can be used decoratively in bedrooms

Another way to implement vertical mirrors inside the home is to place them strategically inside the bedroom. Whether it's directly on the wall or on the back of the door, a vertical mirror gives you a full body view which is a much better way to get a glimpse at your outfit before you step out the door. Just remember to place them in a location where they won’t reflect unwanted light from the TV as this can be a nuisance, especially for teenagers!

They’re versatile

There’s a number of different styles and designs on the market when it comes to vertical mirrors as the word ‘vertical’ simply describes its alignment. This makes them incredibly versatile as they can be subtle and simple, such as in the case of those with a thin metal frame, or extravagant and attention grabbing, such as large decorative mirrors and ornate vertical mirrors that are designed to be leant against the wall rather than hung on the wall. This versatility means that there is a vertical mirror on the market for every household.

Here at William Wood Mirrors, we know how much of a difference a mirror can make to a room, however it’s important to ensure that vertical lines are used appropriately. If you’re unsure how to implement a mirror inside the home effectively then it may be in your best interest to source the help of an interior decorator. Alternatively, you can find out more about where to hang your mirrors by getting in contact with a member of the William Wood Mirrors team today