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Shapes of Mirror and Their Best Uses

Shapes of Mirror and Their Best Uses

Mirrors have a use in every home. Whether a simple bathroom mirror to help us get ready in the morning, or design pieces that add a flair to our interior or exterior space, mirrors have been used for centuries to provide convenient points to check our reflection and to build unique spaces which make efficient use of available light. But mirrors come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. How can you know which is best for your space? Here we’ll break down the most common shapes of mirror available and discuss which spaces could work best for them!


To start with a classic, square mirrors are probably the most versatile you can get! Square mirrors can be used as a convenient face mirror – especially useful by the door for a quick check before you leave for work. However these mirrors (unless unreasonably huge) won’t let you get the whole body reflection to check your outfit. Square mirrors can be used freely in design to highlight sharp corners or frame your property’s features.


Rectangular mirrors are probably the most common in the world, as these can provide you a full-body reflection with an efficient use of space. Rectangular mirrors can be wall-mounted, or freestanding, but will usually be found stood vertically to allow for an outfit check. Lengthways-rectangular mirrors can be utilised in design though, spanning the length of a room or sitting atop a fireplace.


Circular mirrors are often used to provide the function of a square mirror but with an added design flair. Circular mirrors tend to be small, and so are most often found wall-mounted at head height to allow for quick face checks. Circular mirrors can be found with a limitless range of decorative adornments encircling the main reflective face.


Alongside these standard mirror shapes, you can also find oval-shaped mirrors, or mirrors in more irregular, abstract shapes like shards or wavy bubbles. These mirrors can still be used for their reflection but are mostly design choices. These fit best on a case-by-case basis depending on your décor and design style.

At William Wood we specialise in mirrors of all shapes and sizes and cater to a wide range of styles! To see what we could do to spruce up your space, get in touch today. You could also check out our range of mirrored furniture.