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Pros and Cons of Metal Mirrors

Pros and Cons of Metal Mirrors

Mirrors have been a common sight in our homes for many generations and modern mirrors have developed over thousands of years. Mirrors have been designed to fit in with furnishings from every major era and can be traced all the way back to the use of polished rocks as reflective surfaces in the stone age. In modern times, we have mirrors of all shapes and sizes to go with every possible interior. We also have mirrors made from a range of materials and frames crafted from metal, wood, or plastic. Today we’ll be looking at metal framed mirrors and their unique pros and cons.

Pro: Versatile

Metal frames for mirrors are incredibly versatile and, depending on the skills of the designer, metal frames can be forged, welded, and contorted to fit any desired design. Whether you want a sleek, thin black mirror to fit with a modern style or an ornate, twisted frame made from gnarled iron to match gothic or Rococo furnishings, a metal mirror can deliver!

Con: Heavy

One issue with metal frames over wood or plastic is simply down to weight! Metal is the heaviest material available for crafting mirrors and their frames from. This means if you’re hanging the mirror on a wall you need to ensure it has enough anchor points to distribute the weight properly and that it is attached to a strong surface with enough depth to screw the frame into fully. Attach a heavy metal mirror to weak interior walls and you’ll have a mirror-shaped hole to share at before long!

Pro: Sturdy

Metal mirror frames are, in a word, sturdy. They are far more resistant to physical damage like scratches than wooden or plastic frames and they will not rot or erode like wood will. The potential for rust does exist if the mirror will be hung somewhere with moisture, but a wooden frame would certainly degrade far quicker.

Con: Pricey

One downside with metal frames is the cost. But this is usually the case when paying for a material of higher strength and versatility, the cost reflects the quality! Metal frames require a more taxing method to create than simply carving wood, and therefore metal frames tend to go for higher prices! But that said, you don’t need to break the bank to own a metal mirror. Check out what we have on sale today!