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Maintaining Mirrored Furniture

Maintaining Mirrored Furniture

There’s no doubting the beauty of mirrored furniture pieces like coffee tables and dressing tables, but mirrored surfaces can be tricky to keep looking polished and perfect! When it comes to looking after mirrored furniture like this, no time expenses can be spared as neglecting your maintenance responsibilities will allow marks, scratches, and damage to build up overtime. Here are some top tips to keep in mind when looking after and cleaning your mirrored furniture range:

Place items down gently to avoid scrapes and scratches

Like any other piece of furniture, those with mirrored surfaces are designed to be used and taken full advantage of. With this said, certain items like the sharp edges of keys and heavy-handed guests who slam their drinks down can put the mirrors at risk of damage. In order to prevent this, ensure that everybody maintains etiquette when visiting your home.

Tackle spillages immediately to prevent stains

Manufacturers always say that you should keep substances that are known to cause stains away from mirrored furniture, however a lot of these items are designed to be used near them! For example, you’ll have a hard time keeping foundation and perfumes away from a dressing table. For the best results, ensure that any spillages are cleaned up sooner rather than later.

Ensure the furniture is placed on a level surface

As you may expect, a mirror can smash into many pieces quite easily so furniture that is made with these aspects need to be placed in a part of the home where they aren’t going to be vulnerable to damage. To avoid mirrored furniture toppling over, it may be best to ensure that the ground is level and stable.

Buff the mirror with non-solvents and a microfiber cloth

Whether it's the mucky fingerprints of children or rings from coffee cups left behind by visiting guests, the surface of a mirror very rarely stays clear without a bit of TLC. With this said, you’ll want to avoid using harmful cleaning products. Instead, opt for non-solvents like vinegar diluted in water and buff the surface clean with a microfiber cloth for a streak-free finish.

The needs of mirrored furniture pieces are often dictated by their use as coffee tables are more prone to scrapes from people placing sharp items like keys on them. The best way to prevent damage is to invest in coasters and encourage your guests to place their cups down gently!

Here at William Wood Mirrors, our occasional furniture range can turn your home into a luxury getaway in no time without sacrificing that homely appeal we’re all looking for, and with our top tips it’s never been easier to maintain the mirrored surfaces. Get in contact with a member of the team to find out more about our designer mirrors today.