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How to Prevent Scratches on Mirrored Furnishings

How to Prevent Scratches on Mirrored Furnishings

There’s something about furniture that has been designed with a mirrored surface that oozes luxury appeal and elegance, however it’s important to remember that they’re extremely delicate too. This means that items with sharp edges or even inconsiderate and rough handling when placing down cups and cutlery can result in damage that may be difficult and/or expensive to rectify. Here at William Wood Mirrors, we want to promote longevity as we like to think that our mirrored furniture range is considered an investment for the future. Read on as we go over a few top tips to prevent unsightly scratches from appearing…

Keep Hot and Sharp Items Away

If there’s one thing that causes damage to a mirrored surface, it is sharp edges. We’re talking keys, cutlery and even those little knick-knacks at the bottom of your handbag. After all, it may seem like common behaviour to put your belongings to one side when visiting a friend, however mirrored furniture is notoriously easy to scratch and even hot plates or coffee cups can leave a lasting mark. As such, you’ll want to be wary about how you treat occasional furniture pieces such as these.

Decoration Only

Sometimes the only way to guarantee that mirrored furniture pieces will be safe from harm is to use them purely for decorative purposes. This way your guests won’t be tempted to place their belongings down which will give you the peace of mind that you deserve. With this said, it’s important that you mention this ahead of time as luxury pieces like these can be intriguing and your guests may not think otherwise.

Regular Buffing and TLC

If you do find that the mirrored surface of your occasional furniture pieces have been scratched then there’s no need to fret! There are a number of DIY ways to patch up the problem such as using clear nail polish to fill the gap. In fact, you can even buff out the surface with toothpaste or baking soda too. As long as you ensure that the mirrored surface is privy to a bit of TLC every now and then then there should be very few problems to deal with.

A scratch in a mirror can look unsightly and may even be sharp to the touch, however it isn’t the end of the work as there are certain tools that can help you polish out a scratch such as toothpaste or cerium oxide. With this said, it’s best to use these ingredients following directions from an industry expert in order to avoid damaging your mirrored furniture any further. To find out more about mirror scratches, get in contact with a member of the William Wood Mirrors team today!