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Framed vs Frameless Mirrors

Framed vs Frameless Mirrors

Mirrors are one of the most versatile furnishings and decorations in the world. Designer mirrors come in such a vast variety of materials, shapes, and styles, that you can find a mirror for every interior design, no matter how niche or idiosyncratic your décor! Mirrors come with straight edges or in wildly irregular shapes, can be crafted from woods, plastics, and an assortment of metals, and designed to fit with all classic and popular design styles. But before you land on an ornate gothic design or a funky Bauhaus piece, you need to make the most important decision for your new mirror: framed or frameless?

Pros and Cons of Framed Mirrors

Framed mirrors give you an endless selection of frame sized, shapes, and materials. Whether your aesthetic is mid-century modern, Victorian-era gothic, or contemporary chic, framed mirrors have you covered! Framed mirrors allow a higher degree of versatility, the frame allowing you to proudly display your style and personality in whatever way you wish. Of course, with framed mirrors it’s always worth remembering that part of the cost will form the frame, and so you’ll end up with a smaller mirror face than if you’d gone frameless. Framed mirrors also tend toward being bulkier, heavier, and more cumbersome to transport and hang.

Pros and Cons of Frameless Mirrors

Frameless mirrors don’t benefit from having the frame area to use to show off your style, so they can be less diverse in terms of designs available. But frameless mirrors also offer a minimal impression on your interior – depending on the style you choose. This means that frameless mirrors can be just as versatile as framed, as they’ll seamlessly blend with most surroundings effortlessly. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make a striking statement with a frameless mirror, as you can create incredible interior spaces by making use of irregular shapes such as shards, bubbles, and pebbles, or by arranging multiple frameless mirrors into a display. For an extra creative touch you can always fashion a quasi-frame by painting borders around your mirrors, or by fitting LED backlighting. The possibilities with frameless mirrors are only as limited as your imagination. Frameless mirrors don’t have any of the cost going towards the manufacture of the frame or its fitting process either, so you’ll get more mirror for your money!