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Fives Ways to Spruce Up Your Interior Design with Mirrors

Fives Ways to Spruce Up Your Interior Design with Mirrors

Mirrors come in every shape, size, and colour imageable, and can be the perfect addition to any room! Whether maximising the amount of natural light, accentuating your existing decorating, or even acting as a centrepiece itself, the right mirror can bring together the whole interior. Lets take a look at five of the best ways to utilise mirrors to get the most out of your interior space:

  1. Install a “window” in a windowless room

Do you have a basement, attic, or interior room with no windows that feets dark and dingy? Window mirrors add a decorative flair to your space while offering the illusion of extra natural light. Installing a large, nicely-framed window mirror will give your interior a much lighter, airier feeling than plain walls or art alone. Try it today to see the results!

Bridgewater 48" x 32" (120 x 80cm) £150

  1. Extend your current windows

Maybe your room isn’t completely devoid of a window, but still lacks natural light and feels constrictive. With a spot of clever arrangement you can double up on your light and make your room feel more spacious than ever! Install opposite your existing window to spread the light evenly and create the impression of a second one!

Citadella 67” x 31.5” (170 x 80cm) £180

  1. Double your space

If light isn’t your problem but your room is still feeling cramped, perhaps you could benefit from an extra large mirror adorning your wall. By installing an extra large mirror you can expand the space around you and create a room that feels deceptively spacious, taking advantage of lighter colours or reflective frames will help!

Étienne 72” x 48” (180 x 120cm) £380

  1. Create a fake room

If you’re looking for a distinctive and bold addition to some void wall space, consider an archway mirror! These beautifully simple designs create the perception of an entirely new room and bring a bespoke feel to contemporary design spaces.

Liberty 71” x 44” (179 x 11cm) £330

  1. Frame and highlight your décor

Mirrors aren’t just there to reflect light or produce illusory space! They also work as incredible centrepieces or perfect additions to bring your interior together. Create a truly unique and breathtaking space with smaller mirrors to accentuate the symmetry (or asymmetry) of your design. Perfect for any modern interior!

Pebble Triple £150

Large - 25" x 16.5" (63 x 42cm) approx.

Medium - 21.5" x 13.5" (55 x 35cm) approx.

Small - 18" x 10.5" (45 x 26cm) approx.


These are just a few of the many ways mirrors can be used to bolster your interior design, whether your style is contemporary, industrial, or art deco! Mirrors are one of the most versatile additions to any space. Here at William Wood we specialise in all things mirror, so get in touch today and take advantage of our bespoke service to help you find the perfect mirror for your home! 30% off sale ends midnight Wednesday 25th August!