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Dos and Don’ts of Furniture Shopping

Dos and Don’ts of Furniture Shopping
  1. Do: Go with a clear vision in mind.

The first step in furnishing any interior space is the vision! Do you have a trendy loft with exposed brick that would benefit from an industrial style of furnishing, or a sleek new build apartment that needs something more contemporary? Without a clear vision in mind for your space you could end up with a mismatched, cluttered design that neglects the features of your property.


  1. Do: Try before you buy.

Although online shopping is great for pricing up prospective furnishings, nothing compares to an in-person test before purchasing new furniture. This is especially true for beds, sofas, chairs, or anything else that will be supporting your weight! An in-person test gives you the opportunity to get up close and personal with your potential purchases to ensure they fit your specifications perfectly.


  1. Do: Measure your space.

There is no worse feeling than purchasing a perfect new addition to your interior design, only to get home and find out it doesn’t fit where you envisaged it! Even if you don’t have a clear vision for the entire space, taking all the measurements of the room will leave you fully prepared to plan your space and visualise while you shop.


  1. Don’t: Forget your doorways and windows!

We stand corrected. A harsher fate is returning home with your new furniture to realise that it won’t even fit through your door! This is every shopper’s nightmare and will leave you with few options but to return your chosen furnishings. Ensure you never get caught short by taking full measurements of your doorways and windows, so you know exactly what you can manoeuvre through your property. Don’t forget to account for tight corners and open doors!


  1. Don’t: Buy if you aren’t sure of quality.

Everybody is aware of ‘fast fashion’, where companies sell cheaply made clothing designed to last only a short time before it needs replacing. Well fast furniture is no different! Large budget retailers rake in the profits by selling cheaply made furnishings which require replacement within a few short years. Don’t settle for fast furniture, buying high-quality will allow you to sleep easy knowing your furnishings will be with you for many years to come!


  1. Don’t: Be scared to ask questions.

Perhaps the most important of them all! In any reputable retailer, the sales staff are there to assist you in purchasing the ideal addition to your home, not to sell you whatever they can. Don’t cave to a hard sell tactic and don’t be afraid to grill the staff on the quality, the materials, or the design of the piece. It is you that will live with this furniture for years to come, so make sure you get all your burning questions out before you hit the checkout!


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