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Cleaning Silver Mirror Frames

Cleaning Silver Mirror Frames

If you have metal mirrors in your home, you’ll know that keeping the frame shiny and clean is almost as challenging as keeping your mirror face clear and reflective! More recent metals to be utilised, like stainless steel, don’t post as much of a challenge as more traditional materials. One common material used for centuries to construct mirrors is silver. Silver has been used for generations for everything from swords and shields to knives and forks, and, and course, mirrors! Silver has been used for both the face and frames of mirrors and while the former is no longer common practice, silver-framed mirrors are still very popular today! But silver can tarnish easily and lose its lustre, so you want to keep on top of your care and cleaning before it becomes dull. Here’s a few of the best and more bizarre methods for cleaning your silver mirror frames:

Clean with vinegar

Vinegar is excellent to cut through grease and dirt without leaving behind smears or streaks and it won’t damage or tarnish your silver! Combine some boiling water with half a cup of distilled white vinegar and a tablespoon of baking soda and you’ve created the perfect concoction for wiping down those stubborn smudges!

Polish with ketchup

This one may sound weird, but it works! Ketchup can be used for polishing silver and brass items! Use a small amount of ketchup and buff rigorously for that extra shiny finish!

Remove water spots with lemon juice

Polishing with lemon juice on a very absorbent material like microfibre is perfect for removing those final watermarks left behind after cleaning! The lemon juice helps leave an even finish while ensuring you use microfibre will make sure that all the moisture is absorbed and not left on the frame.

Use toothpaste for extra polishing

We’re really bringing you the “weird foods to polish silver with” hits today! Did you know that you can use toothpaste to get a next-level shine on your silver? Dilute with water and buff. But don’t use toothpaste on silver plating, as it can cause corrosion to plated items!

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